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General Research Sites

TeAch-nology - has provided teachers a slew of free resources for years.
National History Bowl - The Bowl is a team tournament, with four players to a team, similar to a regular quiz bowl. The National History Bee is a tournament for individuals.
**Timelines.com** - over 18,000 unique events on our site and thousands of timelines, covering a diverse set of US, local and worldwide topics using pictures, videos and descriptions.
**Geocurrents.info** - This site hosts a number of video lectures, and regular posting on everything from the political crisis in Yemen, to the Country of Greenland, to Australian Camel home invasions.

Indian Ocean History - sponsored by the Sultan Kaboos Cultural Center in Washington, D. C. - a free educational resource for the history of the Indian Ocean region.
Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean - the maps are interactive as you can choose different dates and click on map features to see images, etc. Many great maps especially covering ancient Greece and ancient Rome.