Assignment: 1
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The range is very large because there is one huge outlier. The other averages do not reflect the data well.
The best number to represent the data is the median.
Assignment 2 - Graph Pads

P value and statistical significance:

The two-tailed P value equals 0.9089

By conventional criteria, this difference is considered to be not statistically significant.
Confidence interval:

The mean of Group One minus Group Two equals 0.32

95% confidence interval of this difference: From -5.40 to 6.03
Intermediate values used in calculations:

t = 0.1161

df = 18

standard error of difference = 2.721

Review your data:
Film Traditional


87.32 87.00


8.19 6.17


1.88 1.42


19 19

Higher average?
The Traditional Lecture Group had the higher average at 87.32 compared to the Film Group at 87.00.
Most homogenous?
Film Group was more homogenous with the standard deviation of 6.17
More than 2 deviations from the mean?
Within 2 points of the 50th percentile?
Students 8 and 10 had scores of 88 which is 2 deviations from the mean which is 50
Scored more than 2 deviations from the mean?
Male student #3 scored more than 2 deviations from the mean with 100.
Within 2 points of the 50th percentile?
Students 7, 10, 13, 14 were within 2 points of the 50th percentile at 87.00.
Do you have any hypotheses about these scores
The action research indicates that boys and girls have different results to the intervention. The boys made more improvement with the intervention than the girls. This means that a teacher should reevaluate the possible factors that might prevent an accurate testing.
My first thought was to go looking to see if anything had thrown off the data. Who was the teacher? Was the teacher male or female. What were the films and what kind of bias is reflected in the film or by the people who made the films? What were the norms of the culture of the group that was tested? I am pretty big on pointing fingers at biases that make our assumptions narrow minded.
These points might not be worth much since we only know about the results, but our educational and political systems have occasionally misconstrued data results